Do Business Loans Affect Your Personal Credit?

When it comes to business debts, if the business and owner are separate legal entities, they won't have an effect on your personal credit. Loans included in your retirement plans, such as a 401 (k), also won't appear on personal credit reports. However, when you apply for a business credit card, the lender usually conducts extensive credit research on your personal credit, which could lead to a slight drop in your rating. In the worst case scenario, some lenders may try to collect what is due by hiring a collection agency or filing a lawsuit against your company.If you have poor personal credit and are wondering if this will affect your approval or the terms of your business loan, the answer is yes.

Camino Financial loans have more lenient requirements than traditional banks and other alternative online financial institutions, so you may be able to qualify for better terms on loans and other financing products if your business has a separate credit profile.Once a company borrows money with an EIN number, it begins to create a credit history based on that number. Making a major purchase on a business credit card and canceling it over time can disable much of the available credit, which could affect your credit rating. Your personal credit is linked to your Social Security number, which is the one you would use to apply for a loan if you are a sole owner or partner in a company.Total repayments include the principal amount borrowed, the interest rate on commercial loans, and closing costs. The lender will report positive activity to business credit bureaus if your company makes all of its payments on time and keeps its debt levels low.

In addition, lenders may continue to make personal credit inquiries when you apply for additional credit cards or small business loans.To keep your personal finances separate from those of the company, be sure to use a separate bank account for the company. However, the more negative elements there are in your personal credit history, the more the lender will consider and take them into account in their risk assessment.